[Example Sentences]:
1. Miles driven by car2go members also dropped an average of 7%.
2. This is a race car to be driven on the road.
3. Much of that loss is likely driven by the cost of marketing.
4. Others believe he is driven by a need to defend his colleagues.
5. The increase is being driven by higher yields in the bond market.
6. Sometimes people who are the most driven and work the hardest also play the hardest.
7. Facebook was driven down by investor doubts about its ability to make money from mobile devices.
8. It is being driven more strongly from within, which is good for Germany and the eurozone.
9. This is being driven by the incredible growth of data.
10. We have just driven a few hundred yards past one of the main fire fronts.
11. They have much shorter iteration times and are much more data driven with decision making.
12. Home loans are a key segment of its business and have driven its success in recent quarters.
13. Now, that same kind of frustration has driven one British woman to do something about it.
14. These deals are all commercially driven and buyers just want to take advantage of the valuation.
15. Sales were driven by large screen TVs and mobile phones. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home