[Example Sentences]:
1. It will now move into a product division of its own like a regular product.
2. BlackBerry has few answers for its device division and is focused on software.
3. That division counts server products as well as cloud services revenue.
4. Technology should not be a division of a company.
5. The division also protects the rights of people in prison and mental institutions.
6. The hype around Google Glass has inspired a division of opinion.
7. The head of the division overseeing Glass will report to him.
8. The services division has some legs and could generate growth, Gold said.
9. Revenue from its enterprise products division was flat.
10. Telstra said it would announce succession arrangements for its retail division in the near future.
11. Bernanke has argued that a certain degree of division can be healthy.
12. You see that, their small car division leaving.
13. Oculus would operate as its own division, Facebook executives said.
14. These cells are capable of continuous division and differentiation into any cell type in the body.
15. The real division in performance is how these ultrabooks handle video processing.

[Antonyms]agglomeration, combination, junction, multiplication

[Synonyms]category, department, partition, topic
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