[Example Sentences]:
1. It has to go through a large distribution system and that takes tons of time.
2. The power distribution agency said Thursday that any power cuts would last no more than one hour.
3. The same idea is true of those in the publishing and distribution business.
4. The gear is used in both production and distribution of the fuel.
5. Users who updated to the new distribution found that they were unable to place calls.
6. That approach has often been seen as a strength because it keeps distribution costs down.
7. The distribution can be updated more quickly due to its novel use of two partitions.
8. The crisis has to do with distribution and state rules over who is allowed to transport marijuana.
9. Every indication at this time is that the early distribution of the minutes was entirely accidental.
10. Apple also has broad distribution for its products, a big marketing budget and a large ecosystem.
11. That was the distribution model, that was the spreading of ideas that I hoped for.
12. The App Store has changed from a discovery platform into a distribution platform.
13. Even so, they noticed the distribution of damage across Syria has not been uniform.
14. A distribution point unit powered by the house or business connects the fibre and the copper.
15. Dell created one of the greatest manufacturing and distribution models in the history of business.

[Synonyms]assortment, dispensation, partition
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