[Example Sentences]:
1. He said he had made the decision after a discussion with the top security leadership.
2. Smith said that he wants to see more government action and discussion of a way forward.
3. I think that until March there will be no discussion about lifting any kind of sanctions.
4. Both have been around for a while but will lead the discussion this year.
5. We need to have that broader discussion because the frustration is still there.
6. How can we have a discussion about Amazon without talking about the drones?
7. The new bailout under discussion is expected to follow the same recipe.
8. The Israeli leader says the agreement under discussion would put his country in peril.
9. See this as a test case for how you will approach every important discussion in your life.
10. Hagel said he has had no discussion of this with senior military officers.
11. The bill passed its first reading in July and is under discussion in parliament.
12. Users will also be able to join the discussion publicly or privately in the future.
13. Telstra cautioned that the proposal is still under discussion and that nothing has been finalised.
14. The discussion in Rio was about what governments were not doing.
15. Even general economic discussion got lost in the shuffle.


[Synonyms]debate, dissertation
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