[Example Sentences]:
1. This seems to be the direction in which the company is heading.
2. They want to work in this direction further with us together.
3. So I knew we were going in the right direction and away from it.
4. This is a direction the company needs to follow as its hardware sales continue to slip.
5. This was a step in the right direction, but I wanted to do even more.
6. They pointed them in a direction and told them to start walking.
7. This deal marks the first step of a new direction for Greece.
8. We just have to be clear what their direction is, and that this is going to happen.
9. We know you can change the direction of this product.
10. What was in play was not a candidate, but the direction of the country.
11. If you move your head only a little bit in one direction or another, they ll disappear.
12. You can swipe in the other direction to get the photo gallery.
13. The US is also going in the opposite direction on similar programs like unemployment insurance.
14. I think he is somebody who is interested in changing the direction of the country.
15. Now company executives can think more long term when deciding on the direction of the company.

[Antonyms]deviation, aberration, miscontrol

[Synonyms]course, tendency, aim © 2020  Terms of Use | Home