[Definition]: a plan showing the detail or result before an action is carried out

[Example Sentences]:
1. Speaking to Bloomberg, Lee said that consumers should expect a new design from the Galaxy S 5.
2. Of course, the design paradigm of the new Mac Pro is external expansion via Thunderbolt 2.
3. The Nexus 5 comes with nearly the same design as the Nexus 4.
4. This design for the Z-2 spacesuit was released by NASA in 2014.
5. No major design changes are expected this year to the iPad line.
6. The city and Google have both blamed the problems on the design of the network.
7. This will be going on even as design engineers work on what will be built here.
8. The design process typically can take weeks or months for a campaign.
9. There are also minor problems with the design of the attachments.
10. Twitter client sports a new design but the Mac app still needs some polish.
11. In the world of software design, this is known as a nudge.
12. We want to have different options that could be used by engineers to design these things.
13. We design every piece of what we do even something that seems like a standard part.
14. Customers could design their own products on an iPad and pick them up the same day.
15. It features a new design and the company claims it provides high performance and tight security.

[Antonyms]execution, performance, structure

[Synonyms]intention, purpose, aim © 2020  Terms of Use | Home