[Example Sentences]:
1. The demo also will test new sensors that have been designed to see through smoke.
2. The demo version lets you process one file at a time.
3. In another demo, the smartphone could also project a sheet of music.
4. You can see a demo of the game above.
5. Google had set up a few demo stations on the table where people could interact with the cloth.
6. We got to check out a demo, and it did indeed look great.
7. I was directed back to the interactive demo tables if I wanted to play with the interface.
8. If their viewers liked the game, they could download the demo for free as well.
9. In the short demo, I played I still had the strict time limit.
10. My demo system crashed on me multiple times, once in the middle of playing a game.
11. We have a demo but no product yet.
12. The voice search functions failed during the demo on Tuesday, proving more work needs to be done.
13. After that demo session was done, I was too.
14. The demo looked compelling, but the proof is in actual use.
15. Our demo went from mostly female to way male. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home