[Definition]: the final plan to be carried out, determination

[Example Sentences]:
1. A decision on which combat roles will be open to women is expected in 2015.
2. A final decision from the PUC on the proposed increase is expected in late 2016.
3. The ruling upheld an earlier decision by an appeals court in 2011.
4. The decision comes as the value of individual bitcoins hits $2,800.
5. That decision is up for review in 2020.
6. McDonald said the three studies that the FDA based its decision on were designed in 2010.
7. A final decision is expected by 2018.
8. He appealed the decision in May 2011.
9. SunPower has said it would make a decision whether to form a yieldco in 2015.
10. The decision was in 2009.
11. The next MPC gathering will then be on May 7-8 and it will announce its decision on May 11.


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