[Example Sentences]:
1. It also ushered in a new app economy with the creation of the App Store in 2008.
2. His creation won one of the top prizes at the international fair in Pittsburgh in 2015.
3. Google launched Google Code in 2006, but disabled new project creation on the site on March 12.
4. Job creation had stalled around 2000.
5. This problem inspired the creation of CSI in 2007.
6. Windows will let you know how much space you need as part of the recovery drive creation process.
7. These hardware packages are used in the professional content creation and video industries.
8. They also asked for the creation of a civilian board to look at complaints about police conduct.
9. The experience of creation of material goods can also be enhanced with automation.
10. I particularly like the easy creation of themes from your own photos.
11. The founders want to maintain the creation of high quality content on the platform.
12. They aid in the creation of new markets by connecting producers and consumers with each other.
13. He says the creation of a central academy was a good first step.
14. One thing fashion brands understand is the creation of an atmosphere, an identity around a brand.
15. How should company leaders consider the value creation potential inherent in such deals?


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