[Example Sentences]:
1. So rocks exposed to the air longer will contain more helium-3.
2. The black boxes could contain the key to unraveling the mystery of what happened to Flight 370.
3. One can contain the current version of the OS while the OS is being updated in the other.
4. One is that cars are getting more sophisticated because they contain more electronics.
5. The data did not contain any voting information, like the results of how someone voted.
6. They can delete content and can decide whether they want the channel to contain ads.
7. He compared it to products with labels that say they may contain peanuts.
8. I just hope they come up with some solution to contain it, she said.
9. Police operations to clear and contain the camps in recent weeks have sometimes led to clashes.
10. Many will also contain sensors that collect meaningful data about themselves or their environment.
11. Video of the incident at left may contain images some viewers find upsetting.
12. We were able to contain the strike and arrest deterioration.
13. The virus moved quickly, but so too did the efforts to contain it.
14. Now select all the rows that contain the data you want to merge.
15. The email will contain links to view the details of the transaction or a link to cancel it.

[Antonyms]omit, exclude, drop

[Synonyms]include, embody, comprehend © 2020  Terms of Use | Home