[Example Sentences]:
1. We continue to review the situation and consult with our employees and their representatives.
2. We will also continue to consult with our employees and unions about our safety focus and training.
3. If there is a heightened risk then parents should consult a doctor.
4. Kerry and Lavrov agreed to continue to consult in the days ahead.
5. The AG must consult with the Australian Information Commissioner before making any determination.
6. It is expected to consult with key stakeholders and state jurisdictions, among others.
7. She was put off, however, by the hassle and expense of having to consult a lawyer.
8. We can follow current trends, read about scientific breakthroughs and consult scientific experts.
9. And, if changes become necessary, do consult with the financial team.
10. Yes, we should all consult user options, but approach them with healthy skepticism.

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