[Definition]: the building process; a build structure

[Example Sentences]:
1. The former market town was hit by the collapse of the construction industry in 2008.
2. Built in two phases, construction on the project if approved is expected to be completed by 2020.
3. The home construction boom peaked in 2006.
4. Uber purchased that land in 2014 and construction is expected to finish by mid-2018.
5. The East Bay retail sector gained 1,000 jobs, although construction was weak and lost 500.
6. China has 42 power plants planned for construction, according to the IAEA, and Russia has 35.
7. The number of construction workers has more than halved from 612,000 in 2005 to roughly 277,000.
8. Hispanic male construction workers rose to 43 percent insured, from 36 percent in 2013.
9. Police said they have so far been unable to track down the construction company managers.
10. The authorities have not yet responded to the construction of the wall.
11. There is no money in the current federal budget for wall construction on the site.
12. He said one track of the road is closed at the site due to construction work.
13. Its current construction plans will give it the space to more than double its local head count.
14. New construction is likely a few years away, but some residents already have been relocated.
15. A construction date for the new facility is yet to be finalised.

[Antonyms]dislocation, dismemberment, dissolution

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