[Example Sentences]:
1. Here are four things to consider when looking at Google in 2015.
2. Others consider the town to have essentially died in 1999.
3. The city asked Rhodes to set a hearing to consider approving the settlement on or before March 20.
4. The Pivotal Tracker 1 is just $12, or free if you consider that the membership is $12/year.
5. The second thing to consider is the process you use for release of capital funds.
6. Returning to the S P 500, consider that the index closed Monday at 2,131.
7. We will have to consider what is our interest and how do we want to go about this.
8. They need to consider what they have and what they need and make decisions based on that.
9. In their view the fact that she was female was reason enough to consider her unqualified.
10. He said gang members he has spoken to consider the court system a joke.
11. We do have to consider issues like skin color when we make these decisions.
12. The United States and other Western countries also consider many African countries important allies.
13. So you may want to consider that device as well.
14. The judge said he would consider her request for work release at later.
15. If you want to take it even further, consider using a secure email service.

[Antonyms]guess, conjecture, ignore

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