[Definition]: to link, join together, keep in touch with somebody

[Example Sentences]:
1. Most of us would like to connect with our family and friends.
2. It would be only the latest service by Google to connect people.
3. The device will connect to the smartphone but it will not have a flexible display.
4. There was no way to connect TV to purchases before so this will become mainstream.
5. IT leaders connect business users with the technology services necessary to do their jobs.
6. There was no Bluetooth and it was difficult to connect to the Internet wirelessly.
7. Facebook just rolled out a new feature designed to connect people in a time of crisis.
8. All you would need to do is connect a battery to the clothing.
9. Users should be sure to only connect to networks that are known.
10. Most of us will struggle to connect old systems to the new.
11. Just install the software on your Windows PC and connect your iOS device to get started.
12. It wants to be present and connect all those devices and be wherever it can be.
13. You can connect as many as six compatible devices from a single Thunderbolt port.
14. I talked to a couple people and asked them to connect with the lady.
15. The attacker could then potentially connect to other business systems to access additional data.


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