[Example Sentences]:
1. The issue before us is on what terms we will confront this threat.
2. To confront and counter it must be done by all with coordination.
3. It thinks that the west no longer wants to confront it apart from its recent past.
4. Mr Pistorius said it was his personality to confront what he believed was an intruder.
5. Maybe the Southwest will finally confront the very real limits of its water supply.
6. We discuss politics, I can openly confront him and now my family wants us to be more powerful.
7. On the way, they must confront an old enemy.
8. The same airspace and safety issues affecting drones in general would confront flying cars.
9. Bay Area security firms confront the threat in different ways.
10. After the shot, she went to the basement to confront him, she told police.
11. A spokesman said Mr Perez Molina had decided to step down to confront the proceedings against him.

[Antonyms]encourage, abet, countenance

[Synonyms]oppose, threaten, encounter © 2020  Terms of Use | Home