[Definition]: a meeting, sometimes with speaker and poster show

[Example Sentences]:
1. President Obama held the last news conference of 2016.
2. Apple CEO Tim Cook told analysts in a conference call that new products are coming in 2014.
3. That was at the fall conference in October 2011.
4. The next treaty review conference is in 2020.
5. In total, the conference will run from June 5 to June 9.
6. Huang also announced at the conference that the 1080 was getting a price drop down to $500.
7. The company will stage its annual conference in Berlin May 30 and 31.
8. The RSA conference runs from Feb 24 to 28.
9. There was a conference on the passenger pigeon at Harvard in February 2012.
10. Francis won praise from gays with the comment, uttered during his first press conference in 2013.
11. There are only so many people that can actually sit around a conference table.
12. I think our conference is poised to make some very good decisions.
13. At a recent conference, she said it would take three or more years for.

[Antonyms]silence, monologue, dispersion

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