[Example Sentences]:
1. The trial is expected to conclude toward the end of the month.
2. The agency said it expects to conclude its review within six months.
3. Some legal experts said it was hard to conclude from the hearing how the judges would rule.
4. The court should conclude that searching smartphones should require a warrant.
5. If you look at the numbers, you might conclude that cars are becoming more unreliable.
6. Tax Court cases can take years to conclude and can be appealed into other federal courts.
7. Each commercial will conclude with a message promoting a free market solution to climate change.
8. Several sections conclude with an interview with a relevant industry leader.
9. Some might conclude that the policeman may have been texting the image.
10. Several clues led the researchers to conclude they had found fossil whale poo.
11. We tentatively conclude that we should continue the same approach.
12. Transactions often conclude in parked cars, though some of the biggest deals take place indoors.
13. Submissions opened this week and conclude on May 1.

[Antonyms]begin, commence, undertake

[Synonyms]close, end, terminate © 2020  Terms of Use | Home