verb transitive,noun

[Definition]: worry about, be of interest of

[Example Sentences]:
1. The case comes amid growing concern about the health of Mr Mandela, 94.
2. Our concern is they are not going to get it right, just like they did not get it right in 2010.
3. There was some concern that it would be easy to operate without being detected.
4. It started with a little bit of concern and then it just grew into almost violence.
5. Wilson said that was a political concern and not for him to judge.
6. The point of concern why would I put my business on a cloud that is designed to fail?
7. She also won among those who said their top concern was healthcare or the economy.
8. This is a concern for big internet companies that hold information for billions of users.
9. That was actually a big concern of mine before I started testing the app.
10. There was a lot of concern and fear markets were all over the place.
11. South Africans for their concern and saying she was doing well under the circumstances.
12. That has to be of great concern to these manufacturers.
13. This is a concern that will have to be addressed.
14. Now we can work together without concern over legal repercussions.
15. He noted that is an issue of concern to both administrations.

[Antonyms]indifference, carelessness, disregard

[Synonyms]interest, anxiety, solicitude © 2020  Terms of Use | Home