[Example Sentences]:
1. He said repeatedly he did not know of staff efforts to conceal the intrusions.
2. It accepted payments in bitcoins in an effort to conceal the identities of its users, prosecutors say.
3. Detectives say significant efforts were made to conceal the body, which was discovered on Tuesday night.
4. We knew that the device had to be small enough to easily conceal, built with quality components and rock solid.
5. Individuals who have spent time in West Africa would conceal the true nature of their travel history.
6. Kurdish physicians say they must conceal their care of patients brought from Kobani onto Turkish soil.
7. Some skeptics have voiced concern that Syria will be able to conceal chemicals not declared to the international watchdog.
8. Israel claims that Hamas militants routinely use infrastructure such as mosques and schools to conceal weapons.
9. Several companies downloaded the malware intentionally to conceal criminal activity and to evade payments to the state, police say.
10. She assisted the killer and helped to conceal the murders.
11. By varying the wavelength and strength of the beams, humans could conceal Earth from more complicated detectors.
12. For shipping, the goods were packaged in moisture barrier bags that can conceal the odor of drugs from police.


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