[Example Sentences]:
1. Virtual desktop computing has been one of my favorite topics since I attended VMworld 2008.
2. IBM expects to generate $7 billion in annual revenue from cloud computing by 2015.
3. Black women make up just 3% of the computing workforce and Hispanic women just 2%.
4. We all know how important cloud computing has been for the last few years.
5. Nadella said Microsoft is in the cloud computing game for the long haul.
6. Those same concerns were the same for public cloud computing and virtualization.
7. The rise of cloud computing has put new and different demands on data center capacity.
8. Cloud computing and big data will increase the amount of data moving over the networks.
9. Software will have to provide the improvements in computing performance that hardware once did.
10. It reported on the computing industry from a user perspective.
11. There is little doubt that cloud computing can provide significant benefit to business.
12. We invest in cloud computing with the help of IBM because it scales.
13. All that counts is a way to interact with the Internet of utility computing services.
14. If you wanted computing power that was portable, you could buy a laptop.
15. It acts as the engine for both very small devices and the largest cloud computing systems. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home