[Example Sentences]:
1. People today are more worried about the cost of electricity to keep a computer on 24/7.
2. Symantec was a pioneer in computer security in the 1990s.
3. The basic architecture of the computer has remained unchanged since the 1940s.
4. The wholesale price of the computer was $500.
5. The first successful tablet computer, the Apple iPad, was introduced in 2010.
6. LCD computer monitors were offered for $9.
7. Of course, even a budget computer will set you back $350 to $500.
8. Mr Morris was caught and found guilty of computer fraud and was fined $10,050 £7,785.
9. He has been wearing a computer on his face for more than a decade.
10. It includes everything from computer hardware to algorithms and software running in a single system. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home