[Definition]: the act of competing

[Example Sentences]:
1. I enjoy competition, Ellison told an audience in 2009.
2. The competition has intensified significantly since Microsoft released Office 365 in mid-2011.
3. Fans cast 9.6 million votes during the course of the competition, which started on May 8.
4. A little bit of competition is good for the user at the end of the day.
5. The iPhone and eventually its competition seems to have made this problem much less of an issue.
6. Google now has plenty of competition as a major online media distributor.
7. There is now a lot of competition to create an automated financial assistant for the masses.
8. There is a competition that is going to take place.
9. You can see the competition getting more and more fierce.
10. Some experts believe competition among plans will help drive down prices.
11. It brings an ability to change what we know about businesses, competition and strategy.
12. This is bad for competition and it is bad for the user.
13. The competition is going bigger on screen sizes in the tablet market.
14. The only smartphone was the iPhone and the competition slowly caught it.
15. I want to have as much competition between whatever participants as possible.


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