[Example Sentences]:
1. In comparison, on the closest Saturday the previous year the average rate came to $111.40.
2. By comparison, the OS made up 9.3 percent of the market in November 2013.
3. By comparison, PC shipments are expected to reach only 292 million units in 2017.
4. By comparison, app downloads increased by 90 percent on Christmas in 2012.
5. By comparison, ground was broken on just 29 plants throughout the ’90s.
6. By comparison, Chicago home prices declined 39 percent from the peak to their trough in March 2012.
7. For comparison, just 3,247 pits were visible in the satellite data from 2008.
8. By comparison, Apple generated $171 billion in revenue in 2013.
9. In comparison, other smoke and carbon monoxide detectors typically range between $50 and $80.
10. By comparison, Whole Foods had 1.21% and Amazon, 0.19%.
11. By comparison, new products comprised 54 percent of revenue in Q2 2016.
12. The motif, for comparison, starts at around 1:25.
13. There is no comparison with any other mission that you have witnessed.
14. No Revenue comparison is relevant if revenue is what you are interested in comparing.
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