[Definition]: ordinary, average, general, nothing special

[Example Sentences]:
1. The deal is being partially funded by a $3 billion common offering that was completed June 23.
2. It shows that we have more in common than we think.
3. The second most common reason given was that container technology is still too immature.
4. We have something in common that makes us feel secure.
5. I think there is actually a huge amount of common ground.
6. One is able to find common ground for less than that.
7. Another common frustration is when you have too many files in a folder.
8. What is a common mistake that young people make when doing financial planning?
9. Some of these things that seem like common sense can get overlooked.
10. The common thread with all of these is that they are preventable.
11. One thing all these startups have in common is the desire to make food that lies.
12. One common application of this ability is in the fight against debit and credit card fraud.
13. All three countries face a common concern over North Korea and its nuclear program.
14. One of the most common sources of malware is through email links and attachments.
15. We want to develop a set of common protocols so they all work together.

[Antonyms]rare, unusual, uncommon

[Synonyms]ordinary, habitual, everyday © 2020  Terms of Use | Home