[Example Sentences]:
1. The app will then combine other factors like time of the day.
2. The trick is to take multiple photos and combine them into one.
3. The theory behind the phone range is to combine the practical with the covetable.
4. A selling point could be analytics that combine both online and offline sales.
5. The main thing that saved both companies was to combine and grow together.
6. Unlike Amazon, it can also combine its online reach with its physical store locations.
7. Small molecules can get in and combine but are too big to get back out.
8. Google engineers are looking to combine drones and video conferencing.
9. You can combine training tools to add more variety.
10. All three chains will keep their original names but combine sales lines, the company said.
11. When you wish to combine PDF files, just select them and drag them on top of the workflow.
12. Time for architecture to help plan and combine resources.
13. These will combine compute, storage and networking into a single offering.
14. Obviously we could combine your video subscription and your mobile subscription together.
15. Thus, the decision to combine the two offerings back into a single app.


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