[Example Sentences]:
1. It was an amazing experience as the sun was rising, but I did nearly collide with a few photographers.
2. They appear to be capable of driving jets of charged particles that collide into the gas.
3. This is because when two galaxies collide their gas clouds can merge.
4. In a final fraction of a second, the two black holes collide and form one massive black hole.
5. As the powerful jets collide with surrounding material, they create curved shock waves at their ends.
6. In addition, the ratings will include a new type crash test designed to simulate cars that collide at an angle.
7. The stellar winds emitted by these stars collide with the gas clouds and spark new star formation.
8. It is the place at presidential debates where reporters, candidates, their supporters and the celebrities among them collide sometimes literally. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home