[Definition]: to gather, assemble

[Example Sentences]:
1. The NSA was allowed to collect this information without a warrant thanks to a US law passed in 2008.
2. It is expected to collect $91 billion from 2016 through 2025.
3. The researchers also built a second device to collect the signals.
4. The Intelligence features should get better over time as they collect data.
5. Prosecutors are required by law to share any evidence they collect that could help the defense.
6. They said they needed to search the offices of staff members to collect evidence.
7. Home also may collect other information about how you use it.
8. The data that the drones collect is used for three main applications.
9. Experts add that sleep apps also collect lots of data that is not then interpreted.
10. Apps collect location information to improve the experience of the app or to sell you things.
11. The entire way we collect data on workers needs to adapt to the changing ways people work.
12. Look at these things and figure out if you really need to collect them, he said.
13. Target also will collect how users use the mobile app.
14. Microsoft is not the only company to collect crash dumps.
15. You can also collect new masks that give you different abilities.

[Antonyms]distribute, dispense, divide

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