[Example Sentences]:
1. The former market town was hit by the collapse of the construction industry in 2008.
2. A look at events since the collapse of the talks on August 19.
3. That is, until the inevitable collapse came in 1929.
4. We will not be responsible for the collapse of the negotiations.
5. It was the worst building collapse in the country in decades.
6. There was no immediate report on what caused the collapse of the floor.
7. The Start menu gains an option that allows users to collapse the app list.
8. The government and banks collapse, meaning that years will be needed before a new structure emerges.
9. Witnesses said there was no explosion before the collapse but that a train had just passed by.
10. He saw the stage collapse but did not fall through.
11. The cause of the collapse is not yet known.
12. The global economic system could even collapse altogether.
13. He said sectarian violence and the collapse of state institutions would also justify intervention.
14. The problem is it has just made the boil larger and the collapse will be only bigger.
15. The heavy fighting near Aleppo led to collapse of peace talks earlier this month. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home