[Example Sentences]:
1. Authorities warned the cyclone could coincide with high tide, which is expected to peak at 3.2m.
2. The second round will coincide with the height of the Taliban spring offensive that was launched earlier this week.
3. This was intended to coincide with the beginning of formal talks by the UN exploring such a ban.
4. The operation on Thursday was timed to coincide with forecasts of several days of clear weather.
5. They also contend his arrest was orchestrated to coincide with the last episode of the HBO show about him.
6. For bonus marks, save up that evolution spree to coincide with a lucky egg.
7. The end of tapering in October will coincide with midterm elections, which is historically a volatile period for stocks.
8. When House and Senate Democrats rallied at the Supreme Court on Monday, they timed their event to coincide with the evening newscasts.

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