[Example Sentences]:
1. The four coal ash ponds with the worst leaks must be cleaned up by 2019, and the rest by 2029.
2. By contrast, in 2012, coal represented 41% of new energy capacity and solar only 10%.
3. Whether the coal industry is helping to pay for those ads remains a mystery.
4. If the rules survive, they will almost certainly cost the coal industry thousands of jobs.
5. Western investors also continue to play a role in financing new coal plants overseas.
6. There is no additional nuclear in our plan and no additional coal in our plans right now, he said.
7. This area was once filled with mining equipment and stored the coal waiting for pickup.
8. The Chinese company got the award to operate, manage and maintain the coal mine.
9. He also promised to restore coal mining jobs, though without detail about how that would happen.
10. Why North Korea would sharply increase coal imports is a mystery, as it has plenty of coal.
11. Last month, Beijing suspended all coal imports from North Korea for the rest of the year.
12. Southwest Virginia has had the coal issues down there.
13. They have long switched between natural gas and coal, depending on commodity prices.
14. I should know, my dad is a coal trader.
15. In China, the dominant factor is particle emissions from coal burning. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home