[Example Sentences]:
1. The good news is that teachers have been trying to coach us about this for years.
2. The coach said they had a right to do whatever they wanted.
3. He also said he plans to coach a Chinese team.
4. A voice coach will guide you on your pace if you run with your phone.
5. The rough start to this season that led to a coach being fired.
6. Jose is a special coach and I think he deserves all the best because he works very hard.
7. The coach liked that so much he asked the other athletes on the team to do the same thing.
8. Today a new era begins and the arrival of our new coach will strengthen us further.
9. One of the girls recorded him at practice, and the coach was subsequently fired.
10. Just the other day, a coach from Texas Christian University stopped by to assess the action.
11. It is a huge risk for the athletes, the coach said.
12. The coach knew what happened and took care of it, according to a text message read at trial.
13. He was active in church and helped coach soccer.
14. Players said that the coach of one of the teams threw the first punch, CBS Los Angeles reports.
15. The approach I coach people to use is to positively validate all inputs whenever possible. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home