[Example Sentences]:
1. The cloth has been kept at the cathedral since 1578.
2. The cloth bag belonged to a woman sitting at the back of the plane.
3. Benioff is cut from the same cloth as Ellison and he shares the Oracle culture.
4. Some suggest drying it with a cloth, while others call for letting it air dry.
5. A A microfiber cloth is the best option, and you probably have one in your phone starter kit.
6. Somebody lifted a cloth and you could see the guts of the computer.
7. Try to clean your TV with a dry microfiber cloth before using a cleaning solution.
8. Imagine, for example, using a robotic printer to create a garage sale notice on cloth or wood.
9. If we start selling our identity whole cloth, we are going to lose it, Douglas said.
10. Others dress in gently flowing cloth in earth tones to show that they are not.
11. Now you can use the damp cloth to wipe away any lingering smudges or grime.
12. You also receive a soft gray cloth bag to carry the Gear 360 and protect the lenses from scratches. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home