[Example Sentences]:
1. And for years, the social network did little to clamp down on the false news.
2. It goes almost without saying that a good clamp is about the most useful thing in the known universe.
3. It will help clamp down on content theft and fake channels, YouTube said.
4. Shah said care facilities should move quickly to clamp down on the flu if it appears among residents.
5. Ms Harvey acknowledged that Twitter has not always moved fast enough to clamp down on abusive behavior.
6. In spite of that research or maybe because of it Democrats have renewed their efforts to clamp down on climate dissent.
7. The BJP has vowed to clamp down on government corruption.
8. Researchers have demonstrated an impressive way to clamp down on the counterfeit olive oil trade.
9. That summer and fall, authorities continued to clamp down. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home