[Example Sentences]:
1. China sent in thousands of troops to enforce its claim on the region in 1950.
2. The claim that the skull was stolen was first published in a magazine in 1879.
3. It said victims of false reports could claim damages of $100 to $1,000.
4. So then no one in the future can do what he did and claim innocence.
5. He can claim he was looking after security since members of both sides were arrested.
6. It was not clear if anyone had yet come forward to claim the record win.
7. He was not allowed to present a case based on that claim of immunity.
8. In some cases countries try to claim more than that.
9. There has been no claim of responsibility for the recent wave of attacks.
10. We wanted to see if such a bold claim could hold up.
11. They would later claim that their takeover of the federal land was legal and peaceful.
12. China and five other governments claim the South China Sea either in part or in whole.
13. After all, even the experts who claim to know these things rarely get it right.
14. In the Friday statement, Lenovo continued to claim that it had been in the dark.
15. This claim has no basis in fact or in law.

[Antonyms]disclaimer, surrender, abjuration

[Synonyms]assertion, requisition, demand © 2020  Terms of Use | Home