[Example Sentences]:
1. Uber president Jeff Jones left after six months at the company, citing differences in beliefs.
2. He decided against it, citing obligations to his business and his wife and three daughters.
3. He declined comment on specific actions of the officers, citing investigations.
4. Much of that length forms a formal legal briefing citing its authority under the law for the move.
5. South Korea has said it cannot do so, citing freedom of speech.
6. The embassy would not name the officials, citing privacy laws.
7. He said he could provide few details, citing priority secrets.
8. She refused even that one, citing her right against self-incrimination.
9. They did not give his name, citing privacy laws.
10. They are citing the wrong data deliberately or otherwise.
11. Police and child welfare officials have not identified the mother, citing privacy concerns.
12. Police declined to release further information, citing the ongoing investigation.
13. He declined to give his name, citing security reasons.
14. China claims virtually the entire sea as its own, citing historical reasons.
15. His advocates had sought a waiver for him from the State Department, citing family reunification. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home