[Example Sentences]:
1. He said a crisis resource team was at the church to work with the family.
2. He was put to death and the church was burned down and closed for decades.
3. The current name is probably a violation of church and state to begin with.
4. Some data suggest the number of church fires may not be that unusual.
5. She said she has not spoken out against church leaders or church doctrine.
6. You know, the church is meant to be home for those in need.
7. I can wake up and start up a church tomorrow.
8. They were locked in and the church was set ablaze.
9. It would do good for the church to clarify this point.
10. About half of all new applications to go on missions have been from women, the church said.
11. Many of the bodies were dumped in the interior of a small church and burned.
12. Some were saying their church has collapsed, she told The Associated Press by phone.
13. It was built for him by a nearby church that needed the land where his previous studio sat.
14. They wanted to start farms and establish a village with a grand church at its center.
15. A local church held a forum this week about rape culture. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home