[Example Sentences]:
1. The server segment accounts for the biggest chunk of the market totaling US$753 million in 2013.
2. If the book is still current, you can get a good chunk of your money back.
3. It would be a modest chunk of change to do so, of course.
4. Most security experts believe a chunk of those folks were subject to it.
5. The larger challenge for studios is making game apps a bigger chunk of their profits.
6. This cost the oil giant a massive chunk of its revenues.
7. If multiple companies start to do this, it could be a sizable chunk of change.
8. When visibility returned they realized quite a chunk of the plane was missing, he wrote.
9. McAfee hopes to grab a larger chunk of the market by providing a compatible package of protections.
10. For those who purchase music, this digital asset may add up to a sizable chunk of change.
11. IT has the largest chunk of the innovation pie.
12. As such, a huge chunk of balance is now restored to the game with all players on a level field.
13. When it comes to timeline posts and private chats, just how accurate is each data chunk you save?
14. Balance like this generally costs a good chunk more, so this is a big highlight.
15. The Cadillac tax is a big chunk of that money. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home