[Example Sentences]:
1. Now it will serve chicken that receive no antibiotics starting in March 2016.
2. The game of chicken needs to end, and so does the blame game.
3. It said, The game of chicken between Washington and Pyongyang has come to a breaking point.
4. In the chicken game between the central banks and the market, it is the markets that will win.
5. Of course, you should keep in mind how the chicken game can end.
6. Her mother supported the family by working in a chicken factory.
7. When it reached that temperature, the app prompted us to place the chicken breast in the pot.
8. The modern chicken is nearly twice the size of the bird and completes its growth cycle more quickly.
9. However, keep an eye on the price of chicken wings, which might have affected profitability.
10. He also acknowledged a chicken and egg problem.
11. The chicken was purchased at retail nationwide. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home