[Example Sentences]:
1. One such use case could be for a group chat or collaboration session.
2. There will also be an indicator saying whether the business is available to chat or not.
3. Facebook says it made the change to make Messenger a more robust chat experience.
4. We already see many websites using chat as soon as you load the page.
5. These are the times when group chat comes in handy.
6. Some ask children to move to private chat apps or other, less public means of communication.
7. It offers quick feedback with experts at the site through an online chat feature.
8. Last year, Facebook began testing ways for businesses to reach users over the chat app.
9. I can reply with only one line without returning to the chat app.
10. Or you might go just to chat up someone new.
11. People can chat with other dog owners as well as share photographs.
12. Your messages are on the right, while those of your chat partner are on the left.
13. Users can also record video messages to drop into their Skype chat conversations.
14. I used the HoloLens to video chat with a Microsoft employee who was using Skype on a tablet.
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