[Definition]: the person who preside, president

[Example Sentences]:
1. Wheeler was appointed by Obama as FCC chairman in 2013.
2. The company said chief executive and chairman Glenn Murphy will retire in February 2015.
3. He returned as executive chairman in 2011.
4. He said the chairman also directed staff to assist members with amendments.
5. He had moved to a chairman role several years ago.
6. He is chairman and chief executive of the company.
7. The chairman made public only a summary before the vote.
8. So what about Gates, who remains chairman of the board?
9. Instead, it got one that does favors for the powerful corporations its chairman used to work for.
10. The first two choices for inquiry chairman stood down.
11. Gupta will remain on the board and eventually replace Thompson as chairman of the audit committee.
12. He served as honorary chairman for the rest of his life. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home