[Example Sentences]:
1. The upscale chain opened its first store last September and plans to have a total of six by 2016.
2. The people who do not trust the chain of command are the victims.
3. You need a partner that can power your entire value chain and turn complexity into simplicity.
4. What remains to be seen is whether the operating system in the IoT food chain will really matter.
5. This chain of events then led to the failure of one of the protective layers.
6. We can have a very strong chain of trust and identity, he said.
7. Apple faces risks from everything from demands on its supply chain to the cost of the material.
8. The fast food chain was also on board with Apple Pay since day one.
9. To help solve this problem, Qualcomm plans to release a tool chain next year.
10. Its executives often said the chain made as much money in six days as its competitors do in seven.
11. Right now the chain of command has been put on hold.
12. We want to be the supply chain of everything.
13. It is definitely not the same chain of hotels.
14. This is causing the software value chain to change.
15. If one element or service fails or is changed, other components in the service chain are unaffected.

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