[Definition]: be sure of

[Example Sentences]:
1. Yes, this is apparently what represents male charm in certain quarters.2.
2. British authorities, meanwhile, moved to ban certain types of guns after shootings in 1987 and 1996.
3. Failing to do so after a certain amount of time leads to the ransom doubling to $1,000.
4. Earnings per share, excluding certain items, were expected to be 32 cents, up 68%.
5. There will be certain features that are only available in the enterprise edition.
6. With most digital content, you have to it after a certain amount of time.
7. Maybe you could find out if a certain city is known for a healthy lifestyle.
8. The researchers say they do not know for certain why the historic increased risk existed.
9. We are running a business and most of our clients have a certain wish list.
10. You can even specify how much of a certain kind of media your child can view.
11. There are some people who are very certain that there is a mass grave to find.
12. It is near certain that they will die and they die at the end.
13. How much value do you put on certain features in the cellphone you buy?
14. Windows will automatically turn on certain features needed for some tasks.
15. At a certain point, it might be time to build an ark.


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