[Example Sentences]:
1. Bland was arrested in a traffic stop three days before she was found in her cell on July 13.
2. There are tons of sites available now where you can trade in your old cell phones.
3. All the people we spoke to were on different cell networks.
4. For most college students, access to cell service is just as important as water or electricity.
5. He had called her on his cell phone from underneath the rubble.
6. Those things have already been done by the myriad players in the cell phone market.
7. What is unclear thus far is whether any cell phones were found in this strip search.
8. He went outside and saw a woman crying for help on her cell phone.
9. She waited to see a judge in a cell without her cancer medication.
10. He returned to the cell and then took her young sister.
11. I explain on which wireless networks cell phones can be unlocked.
12. The cell phone technology will just be an option.
13. I saw half of our officers on cell phones.
14. Now, a household might have a cell phone for each person who lives there.
15. The cell has been trying to develop bombs that a can defeat airport security screening.
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