[Example Sentences]:
1. Those who are being left behind are doing their best to catch up by using smartphones.
2. The catch is that neither company can focus as well as a specialist.
3. The catch is you have to stick around for at least two years.
4. There was a need for the policy to catch up with what was happening on the ground.
5. The one catch is that free listening is only available on computers.
6. The catch is that items like data privacy and regulations may take months to negotiate.
7. The catch is that the market may take time for an established technology vendor to crack.
8. The key time to catch the show is two hours before dawn local time.
9. The catch is you need to turn the feature on.
10. The company will have to catch up to this valuation.
11. The catch is that transparency matters and the hard sell may not fly.
12. The catch is that BlackBerry previously used its software to sell its hardware.
13. At the same time, it has been making new investments to catch up in cloud computing.
14. If these plans catch on, that will encourage consumers to keep their smartphones longer.
15. The catch is that few people see Microsoft putting the pieces together.

[Antonyms]throw, miss

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