[Example Sentences]:
1. Analysts said that the service failed to carve out its own distinctive purpose.
2. She wrote in a special carve out provision for them.
3. But for now, the company is trying to figure out how to carve out some space for itself in the smartphone market.
4. Fire crews struggled to carve fire lines around the town to block the towering flames.
5. The new control allows businesses to carve out times for travel, setup and other activities that are required to deliver a service.
6. In the coming years, green, renewable power will continue to carve out a larger slice of the global energy market.
7. The city will also need to carve out a compensation plan for the businesses whose trade is disrupted by the tunnel construction.
8. In the highly competitive payment processing and payroll space, this is the way Square is hoping to carve a place for itself.
9. Having indicted 93 people, the court which has attracted much criticism over the years must carve out its legacy.

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