[Example Sentences]:
1. Delivery of the same cargo by a Boeing 747 takes about 11 hours and costs about $260,000.
2. The cargo ship method is not likely to go away any time soon because of high demand.
3. One possibility is that it could have fallen off a cargo vessel.
4. We are the most important cargo on that vessel, not the cars and other cargo.
5. They leave little room for cargo, but are easy to park in cities.
6. Buying a cargo ship is a lot easier and cheaper than it used to be.
7. He declined to comment on questions over alleged cargo overloading.
8. The three people arrested are suspected of negligence in their handling of cargo on the vessel.
9. During the weekend and holiday shutdown, trucks can pick up cargo that has already been unloaded.
10. Libya is preparing this week to ship the first cargo from its largest export terminal in two years.
11. This is the second visit by an Orbital Sciences cargo ship.
12. They wanted to find out which vessels were transporting the particular cargo they planned to seize.
13. The Progress is one of four different robotic vessels that ferry cargo to the space station.
14. The flight was delayed a few weeks after black mold contaminated some of the cargo bags.
15. Sheikh said the cargo vessel hit the middle of the ferry.

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