[Example Sentences]:
1. Mozilla may have trouble getting people to care about Firefox 57.
2. Hearst has been operating in the health care information industry since 1980.
3. Overall, health care stocks fell for the first time since 2008.
4. For example, already 11 financial companies and six health care companies have issued IPOs in 2013.
5. She had run the day care out of her 900-square-foot home since 1993.
6. So far this year, the tech sector has returned 19%, while health care has risen 16%.
7. Over two years, the tech sector has returned 43%, while health care has risen only 9%.
8. Health care and cleantech fell to 24% of Silicon Valley VC funding, down from 29% in 2012.
9. They know there are other people out there that care as much as they do.
10. A lot of it comes down to what you care about most in a phone.
11. All we care about is that you have better information at your fingertips.
12. There is no support, there is no one to care about the life here.
13. Germany has wanted each country to take care of its own banks.
14. If there is an emergency we will take care of the people.
15. If you have a large enough drive, you might not care about deletion.

[Antonyms]indifference, heedlessness, negligence

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