[Example Sentences]:
1. Already, Myanmar has released a limited number of SIM cards for the low price of $1.50.
2. Major public service upheaval on the cards in 2016.
3. During that time, the number of Americans with zero credit cards rose from 22% to 29%.
4. You can find 64GB SD memory cards which will hold thousands of photographs for as little as $40.
5. At the end of testing, the company bought another two more cards, spending a total of US$60,000.
6. You can find 128GB cards, which should be plenty of room for even longer vacations, for around $80.
7. No one had wanted to put the investment into new cards and new terminals.
8. A lot of hotel cards will give a free night every year for renewing.
9. We work to ensure that our cards are only used for legal transactions.
10. Many thought that short range would be enough to keep the cards secure.
11. The interest rates on these cards are often higher than other credit cards.
12. I could also carry additional memory cards if I wanted more storage space.
13. For now, each side is using what cards it has to pressure the other.
14. The cards will be available to purchase online or at retail stores.
15. You select one of three stored cards to use for the transaction. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home