[Example Sentences]:
1. It was the same downtown building where they had applied for a green card in 1975.
2. The value of fraudulent payment card transactions made in 2013.
3. The value of fraudulent payment card transactions made in 2014.
4. I also had a savings account that my parents opened for me, and a debit card once I turned 13.
5. In many cases, credit card numbers as missing or are dummy values such as 4111111111111111.
6. Surface has always had a microSD card slot, and the proud tradition continues with Pro 4.
7. Credit card debt reached $847.1 billion, the most since September 2010.
8. The PB287Q can run at 60Hz when connected to a compatible graphics card using DisplayPort 1.2.
9. Apparently, the device, including a card reader and chip, costs around $50.
10. That amount is broken down into a $50 Best Buy gift card and a $150 coupon off a Surface Pro 3.
11. The other big wild card here is what the hardware itself will cost.
12. So I asked him how useful such a card would be.
13. I would go over and take her card and swipe it.
14. I had a phone card with a minute and a half, and that was it.
15. If you have more than one card, you can switch between them at this point. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home