[Example Sentences]:
1. You get to keep these books even if you cancel your subscription.
2. They say they did not want to cancel their plans.
3. There was no need to cancel them from the document because these are themes we have to develop.
4. The email will contain links to view the details of the transaction or a link to cancel it.
5. He expects few Amazon customers to cancel their Prime subscriptions.
6. People may still cancel their pending and open orders, the site said.
7. She called back and tried to cancel the emergency call but police were already en route, they said.
8. To cancel their membership, they must call customer service.
9. Thai investigators are now seeking to cancel his passport.
10. A future governor can cancel the reprieve and allow the execution to go forward.
11. That motion brings up a prompt to undo the typing or cancel and continue.
12. Access to that music disappears if you cancel your subscription.
13. This delay did not cancel the execution.

[Antonyms]confirm, enact, perpetuate

[Synonyms]obliterate, erase, efface © 2020  Terms of Use | Home